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Exempt Micro-Enterprise (EME)

Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE)

Generic Enterprise (GNC)

 Enterprise Annual turnover of 

 less than R10 million 

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 Enterprise Annual turnover of 

 over R10 million and under R50 million 

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 Enterprise Annual turnover of 

 over R50 million 

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An experienced team will guide and advise you.


Getting the best of your team and services.


Providing official certification.


Making sure your business is on target.

The most efficient and professional BEE Rating Service and Certification.

At B-BBEE rating worx we believe in true transformation. We believe in concise and effective measures put in place to improve the livelihood of previously disadvantaged South Africans. We believe transformation means going beyond your form, we at BEE Rating Worx want to help you discover that potential that you possess and help you realise that to be prefect, constant transformation is key.

Our Vision and core values

To be a leading B-BBEE verification, advisory service provider and mouthpiece for transformation in South Africa.


To give real service we are convinced we must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is integrity.


We desire that our clients see through our walls and understand our processes and how we arrive at any B-BBEE decision both from a verification and advisory perspective.


Every client is important to us. We believe an ethic of hard work is necessary to achieve desired results. We take time to understand your organization and offer you a package best suited for your business.

Service Excellence 

We believe that excellence is not a skill but rather an attitude. Our will to win for you, our desire to succeed, the urge to reach our full potential... these are the keys that unlock the door to service excellence.

Value Add 

We would like you to have an experience with us that will not only change your mind set and view on B-BBEE but that will leave your business in a more elevated position to tackle the everyday business challenges and grab every opportunity.