B-BBEE Rating Process

 The verification process need not be painful, but it must be followed and every step has to be completed:

1. Request for Verification

You call us or complete a simple request form (available on our website) and submit it to BEE Rating Worx.


2. Proposal

  • Via a sales meeting or telephonically we determine the scope and extent of the verification and which of the BEE Codes applies to you. 
  • A quotation is prepared and presented to you.


3. Contract

  • On acceptance of the quote, the BEE Rating Worx Verification Agreement is signed and payment is made (50% of full invoice amount).  
  • A data submission pack is then sent to you.


4. Initial Verification Meeting

If necessary, a pre-onsite meeting is scheduled (Depending on size of organization and scope). The verification plan, process and requirements are discussed with you at this meeting. We will take you through the documentation that is required and ensure that you know what to do. We will also guide you through the data submission pack and make sure you understand how to capture the data.

5. First Phase Data sent to agency

Once the filled in data submission pack is sent to us. We will then pick the sampling and send back to you within 24 hours. This will enable you to start collating the sample documentation and have it ready on the onsite date.


6. On-site verification

The on-site process typically consists of a number of interviews with staff and management, a review of source documentation pertaining to the BEE status of the company and some statistical sampling. This generally takes a few hours to complete. But large multisite companies may require a few site visits.

7. File Review and Assessment

Based on the information provided and the findings during the on-site verification, your scorecard and certificate are completed together with a report by the analyst and presented to a BEE Rating Worx Engagement Partner for review and approval.

8. Final Certificate


The Final Certificate and Scorecard are completed and presented to you:

  • A Valid BEE Certificate enables opportunities.
  • BEE Rating Worx offers a professional, efficient and cost-effective service.
  • Certified to issue certificates on all Sector codes.

PLEASE NOTE: Original certificates will be couriered to your offices. You will receive an original copy of the certificate in an envelope together with the report as well as a framed copy to display in your offices. 

Download the simple request form here.

 Download Request Form 

On completion, please upload it using the form on the right. It will be sent to the team at BEE Rating Worx for analysis.